A wealth of experience in mobile applications testing

Large fleet of devices on: iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

QATestLab is in top 10 best software testing companies according to softwaretestinghelp.com
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Our Feature is Software Testing

We know little about astrology, nuclear physics and botany, we have a little better understanding of finance, literature and politics. But we are second to none in mobile application testing! We are the best in the world in it!

We search for imperfections of a mobile app and web site on real smartphones and tablets, using real network carriers.

We involve hundreds of mobile devices and networking providers in our testing works to ensure high quality of your software. This approach allows to reduce time-to-market of your product, logistic and other expenses of the project.



Our Professional Testers

Each app is thoroughly checked by our experienced and skilled team. QATestLab testers focus common application defects and test software from its end-users' position.

Diverse Devices Are Available

We have a rich lab with 200+ non-rooted modern phones and tablets at our disposal. The same devices are preferred by many people all over the world. Our smartphones and tables are available 24/7.

Fast and Simple Testing

Just deliver us your app build, and you’ll have the tests results in 2 days or earlier. We'll let you know when the test report is ready. Meanwhile you can watch the test progress.

No Unnecessary Cares

You don’t have to provide us with any documentation, including the specification or test cases. We're carefully test each screen and functionality of your app anyway. But you may give some additional info if you wish to concentrate testing works on certain aspects of your app.

Security of Your Project

We take all sorts of precautions and ensure complete safety and security of your data during the testing process and upon its completion.

Time and Materials 15%
Time and Materials 15%
Fixed Price 5%
Fixed Price 5%
Dedicated Team 80%
Dedicated Team 80%

Time and Materials model is used when it is very difficult or impossible to evaluate the scope and timeframe of a testing project. Under this model, we charge only for actually spent time of a manager and test team involved in a project.

Under this model, we discuss the scope of work with you, clarify all the project details, set a fixed-price budget and coordinate the project completion date.

If you are working on several projects and have plans for long-term cooperation with our company, we can offer you a dedicated team of test engineers. Under this cooperation model, QATestLab forms resources, equipment and infrastructure exclusively for a client.

Our experts will help you to choose the most suitable pricing policy. Give us a call or leave a message, and we will get back to you shortly.

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Choose Devices for Testing

Right now you may select any devices for the testing activities.

QATestLab lab offers wide choice of diverse smartphones and tablets. We prefer working with real devices, not with simulators.

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